T-REX Answers: “What’s your go-to downtown lunch spot?”

Beware the wrath of an entrepreneur interrupted from ‘the zone’. T-REX startups are known to work past 5 pm, before 8 am, through the night, and so on. However with the growing number of great restaurants downtown and T-REX’s new home (in the middle of it all) on Washington Ave, lunch is getting hard to skip. Check out where T-REX likes to refuel come noon.

“Snarf’s.” –Beau Dillard (Tunespeak)

“Pickles.” –Robin Rath (Pixel Press)

“Culinaria.” –Kyle Welborn (Cultivation Capital)

“My desk.” –Chuck Lee (U.S. Drilling Products)

“Jimmy John’s or that tortilla place under the garage.” –John Skaggs (spinbliss.com)

“Pi or Mr. Curry’s.” –Rosa (T-REX)

“Caleco’s.” –Marr Barbey (Copious Technology)

“Pi Pizza.” –Mark Rice (MobExMe)

“Pita Pit.” –Ed Spinaio (Time to Cater)

“Sauce on the Side.” –Brian Kohlberg (Manufacturers’ Inventory)

“Culinaria.” –Peggy Stohr (Pulse)

“Subway.” –Jeremy Brenner (RelbanE)

“Bailey’s Range.” –Brian Matthews (Cultivation Capital)

“Wasabi.” –Clayton Williamson (Lumate)

“Bread Co.” –Tyler Sondag (SLU)

“Pickles.” –Ryan Bell (GREMLIN)