T-REX Answers: “What’s one word to describe startup life?”

The life of an entrepreneur is known to contain more ups, downs, and excitement than even the most thrilling of theme park rides. If you asked an entrepreneur to describe their “ride” in one word, you’re sure to get a variety of answers. So that’s what we did. We asked, “What’s one word to describe startup life?” and T-REX answered…

“Nonstop” -Rosa Mayer (T-REX)

“Stressful” -Brian Kohlberg (Manufacturers’ Inventory)

“Neverending” -Brian Matthews (Cultivation Capital_

“Passion” -Saint Fults (World Wide Technology)

“Whirlwind” -Jeffry Harrison (RoverTown)

“Insomniatic” -Andrew Winship (Juristat)

“Eye-opening” -Julie Maurer (RoverTown)

“Passionate” -Mohit Patel (Genetix Fusion)

“Hectic” -Chuck Lee (U.S. Drilling Products)

“AWESOME” -Beau Dillard, Tunespeak

“Dynamic” -Andrew Brimer, SparoLabs

“Constant” -Alex Silversmith (VCS)

“Bittersweet” -Adam Khalil (Veritacit)

“Wild” -T.J. Tavares (Symvato)

“Energizing” -John Skaggs (spinbliss.com)

“Fast” -Suzanne Barnes (Arch Grants)

“Multi-task” -Leslie Davis (Janji)

“Educational” -Clayton Williamson (Lumate)

“Challenging” -Mark Rice (MobExMe)

“Ever-changing” -Linh Nguyen (Upside)