Facility Notices & Protective Measures Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Here you will find notices sent to our community regarding facility operations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As of June 1st, 2020, we officially began a limited reopening of our facility with many preventative measures in place. With mass vaccine availability and new recommendations from the CDC, we began easing these measures by Spring 2021.

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[5/18/2021] Easing COVID Limitations at T-REX:

With new CDC guidance and the rescinding of City of St. Louis Health Commissioner’s Emergency Orders related to COVID-19, we are excited to announce that we will begin easing many facility limitations starting this week:

Face masks are no longer required for vaccinated members and guests.

We politely ask that everyone who is yet to be vaccinated to please continue to wear a mask inside our facility. Free drop-in vaccines are still available at the America’s Center next door to T-REX. We also absolutely encourage those who have been vaccinated and still wish to wear a mask to please feel comfortable continuing to do so.

Self-serve coffee will return to the 5th Floor Cafe.

Disposable single use paper cups will be available as our current supply allows, and we encourage members to bring personal travel mugs to help limit the use of shared mugs. Once shared mugs return, please be sure to bring used mugs back to the designated bins in the 5th floor kitchenette for them to be washed. Kitchenettes on other floors will remain closed for the time being.

Meeting room reservations and special events will still require approval by T-REX Staff.

We are no longer utilizing the Incutrack self-booking system. Small coworking huddle rooms can be reserved by either speaking with Laura R. at the 5th floor front desk, or by emailing Anna M., T-REX’s Event Coordinator. For large meetings and events in our Innovation Conference Center and Geospatial Innovation Center, please contact Anna, or submit an Event Request Form (found on our website).

Current Coworking Hours:
Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 7:45pm

Building Access:
All 1st floor doors open M-F, 7:30am-5pm
(Keycode required for after-hours/weekend access to incubator offices)

Looking forward to seeing more of you!

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[5/11/2021] Expanded T-REX Hours and Easing Other Covid Limitations:

With vaccines readily available for free at America’s Center and increased staff capacity, we are excited to begin easing some COVID limitations and expand our 5th floor hours!

New 5th Floor Coworking & Conference Center Hours:
7:30am – 7:45pm (Monday – Friday)
CLOSED (Saturday – Sunday)

Lucas Ave. doors will be opened for easier access to the North parking lot from 7:30am-5pm M-F. After 5pm, members will still need to use 10th Street Entrance and enter their unique keycode for building access. Incubator office members still have 24-7 and weekend access to their private offices throughout our facility.

As mentioned previously, 🐶 dogs are welcome once again, and must remain leashed in all common areas.

FACEMASKS ARE STILL REQUIRED IN ALL INDOOR COMMON AREAS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. This includes hallways, restrooms, & the entire 5th floor.


[4/6/2021] DOGS ARE BACK AT T-REX! (With a few common sense rules):

T-REX is proud to be a dog-friendly facility; we believe that dogs in the workplace are not only provide a calming presence for their owners, but also the rest of the community.

That said, if your dog does not have the right temperament for a place where it will be exposed to lots of strangers, they are likely to create disturbances within our building. If your dog is aggressive, hyper (hard to control with a leash) or vocal, we ask that you leave them at home.

All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations including parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies.

All dogs must be on a leash when in shared areas (lobbies, hallways, elevators, co-working spaces). It’s important to remember that not everyone is comfortable with dogs. Respecting our leash policy is essential for T-REX to maintain our openness to canine companions.

If you are comfortable letting other T-REX’ers pet your dog, be sure to maintain social distance while doing so (avoid clustering around adorable dog).

Remember to always have dog cleanup bags on hand for outside potty breaks as well as bringing your own water bowl. Work potty breaks into your workday as often as your time allows– every couple of hours is not only kind to your dog, but also to our carpet 🙂

Dogs are never to be left alone in the building, which includes offices, conference rooms or any other space.




On June 1st, we will begin a limited re-opening of our 5th floor and coworking space. To reduce the spread of COVID-19 and continue to serve our community, we have compiled a comprehensive Phase 1 Reopening Plan for T-REX. These Phase I policies are being initiated for the safety and security of our members, tenants, and guests, while also ensuring that all building users comply with the requirements and protective measures outlined in the City of St. Louis Health Commissioner’s Order #8. All people entering T-REX will need to respect and abide by these policies. We thank you for understanding the importance of these measures as our City works to restart responsibly.

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[5/11/2020] RE-OPENING UPDATE :


The staff and board of T-REX hope that everyone in our T-REX community is well and safe, and is taking good care of themselves. We want to share information for your planning purposes regarding our re-opening of our co-working space and management of meetings as we approach a first phase of re-opening. Much more detailed information will be forthcoming.

  • We plan to open 5th floor coworking on a limited basis starting June 1. At that time, we will have worked with all our co-working companies to find appropriate space for them for social distancing guidelines.
  • The offices throughout the building remain open to their tenants, as they have been throughout this emergency.
  • Beginning May 18th, all persons entering the building will be required to wear masks in any public areas, including the lobby, hallways, elevators, elevator lobbies, and in any shared gathering spaces. **Please note, according to City of St. Louis reopening guidelines, employers are expected to provide masks for their employees.**
  • Starting June 1, we will allow some meeting space to be utilized, but that will be strictly limited to spaces that can be cleaned in between meetings, and limited to size of rooms and social distancing guidelines. For example, for the time being, no more than ten people can be permitted to meet in any one room per the guidelines issued by the City of St. Louis.
  • Common use kitchens will remain closed throughout the facility for the time being.
  • Coffee provision will also change for the time being—stay tuned.
  • T-REX is investing in many tools and resources to address the spread of COVID 19, including hand sanitizer stations, HVAC improvements, a disinfecting specialist who will be constantly wiping down surfaces throughout the facility, policy modifications, and other infrastructure changes.

Thank you for your collaboration in this effort. T-REX has been consulting with multiple experts in its re-opening planning, and we have been intent on providing every resource we have available to us in these efforts. You are all important partners in these efforts. Handwashing, masks, staying home if you feel sick, notifying us if you do receive a COVID 19 diagnosis, are vital components of this plan.

Thank you all. And thank you for your continuing support.

All the best,
Patty Hagen
President & Executive Director, T-REX


[3/17/2020] UPDATE :


  • 5th Floor Coworking Space and the Anheuser-Busch Cafe/Bar will remain closed
  • 5th floor Mailroom and T-REX Admin Offices for the purpose of facilitating coworking mail services will be accessible 10AM – 1PM Mon-Fri (outside of these hours, the entire 5th floor will be locked)
  • Shared community coffee stations will no longer be provided anywhere in the building
  • Incubator Office members have access to their private offices for work deemed essential


[3/13/20] UPDATE :



[3/9/20] NOTICE :