The Innovation Conference Center @ T-REX
Special Event Policy/Procedures and Rental Agreement

Last Updated: October 17, 2017

Thank you for selecting the Innovation Conference Center at T-REX for your upcoming special event.  We look forward to working with you. The Innovation Conference Center at T-REX is designed as a DIY/self-service space that allows T-REX to serve the innovation community and minimize overhead costs while offering the best event rental rates possible. T-REX is a non-profit technology incubator and co-working space that also serves the St. Louis community with conference facilities and amenities that support its mission. The T-REX mission is:

T-REX will energize the economic vitality of St. Louis by supporting innovative, entrepreneurial technology companies with well-designed, affordable space, world class programming and events, and critical connections for development and growth.

All events scheduled at T-REX must be congruent with T-REX’s mission and purpose within the community.

To ensure a positive experience, please review the following Special Events Policy/Procedures and Rental Agreement carefully:

Throughout this policy, the organization that wishes to book an event shall be referred to as the Renter. The Renter’s authorized representative must acknowledge his/her understanding of these policies and procedures by printing his/her initials below each section of this document in addition to providing his/her signature and date of completion on the Rental Agreement portion of this document. This document is not valid, nor will an event be booked until all steps are completed. Once completed and approved by T-REX administration, this form remains valid for one year (from the date of approval) or until changed by T-REX administration.

(A) Rental Procedure and Availability

•    Contact T-REX to check on space availability and rental rates: (314) 241-7500 or Events must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance to ensure that appropriate arrangements can be made for facility access and cleanup.

•    General building availability is Monday thru Friday 7:30AM to 6:00PM.  If an event must begin or end at a time and/or day outside of this period, the period of time must be indicated on the
forms attached and additional charges will be applied.  The Renter is responsible for any and all fees associated with this requirement. A certificate of insurance listing the Technology
Entrepreneur Center/T-REX as the additional insured is also required for events held outside of business hours.

•    Spaces are not available for reservation on the following days: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving
Eve, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

•    An additional charge of $60.00 per hour will be applied to any event held in the T-REX facility outside of regular business hours (Monday thru Friday, 7:30AM – 6:00PM).

•    If the requested date is available, a Rental Agreement must be completed by the Renter and approved by T-REX Administration.

(B) Rental Confirmation, Deposit, & Payment

•    Specific dates cannot are not reserved until T-REX administration receives acknowledgement of the Special Event Policy and Procedures, completed Rental Agreement Form, and a 50% deposit.  A Certificate of Insurance listing Technology Entrepreneur Center as additional insured for the date and time of the event must be received by T-REX administration at least 5
business days prior to the event.

•    The balance of the rental fee is due in full the day of the reservation.  If the booking occurs less than ten business days in advance of the event date, payment in-full must be submitted at the time of reservation.

•    All Renters receiving non-profit rental rates must provide documentation of their 501(c)3 status, and submit payment in the form of a check from the authorized 501(c)3 non-profit
organization.  Cash payments will not be accepted.

(C) Cancellations

•    All cancellations must be received in writing no less than 10 business days prior to the event, or Renter may forfeit its payment.

•    To cancel a reservation, email the T-REX event coordinator ( or reply to email confirmation received upon booking.

•    The written cancellation must include the date, time, room, Renter organization name and name and contact information for the Renter’s authorized representative.

•    Please be aware that in the event of cancellation, all aforementioned charges apply if failure to cancel occurs.

(D) Revenue Collection

•    The Innovation Conference Center at T-REX cannot be used to solicit or elicit event revenue from event attendees, except in the case of non-profit fundraising activities, for which permission
from T-REX administration must be obtained in advance.

(E) Space Usage

•    Usage of event space must be in compliance with the mission of T-REX.  Events scheduled at T-REX are for business purposes and not for personal use.

•    The Renter may not utilize space in the Innovation Conference Center for any event besides their own. Events hosting companies or individuals different than the Renting organization will be canceled with no refund.

•    T-REX reserves the right to prohibit clients, attendees and other contractors from booking or servicing the reserved space, if stated guidelines or procedures are violated.

•    Renters will be held responsible for any damages related to their event (please see the damage policy statement below).

•    Events must not interfere with other T-REX or Lammert Building tenants.  It shall be the responsibility of the Renter and its authorized representative to ensure that amplified sound is
maintained at a reasonable level.  If T-REX staff or their representative (e.g. security personnel) determine that sound at the event is at an excessive level, the Renter agrees that the following
steps will be taken:  reducing the volume, relocating the speaker, relocating equipment, or cancelling the event.

•    If the Renter plans to have animals present during an event, special permission from T-REX administration is required.

(F) Room Setup

•    All furniture (tables, chairs, couches, etc.) must remain within designated event space unless written permission has been granted by T-REX administration in the Rental Agreement.

•    If permission has been obtained to move furniture for an event, it is the Renter’s responsibility to move the furniture back to its original placement after the event; otherwise, additional charges
will apply.

•    The Bar and its countertop are made of wood, therefore, no hot food is to be placed directly on the Bar countertop. T-REX reserves the right to bill Renter for any damages to Bar countertop.

(G) Catering & Food

•    Cleanup by Renter and Caterer is required.

•    Caterers must comply with all T-REX policies.

•    Renters and Caterers must remove any leftover food and beverages from the rental space.

•    Trash must be removed in trash bags to the dumpster behind the Lammert Building.  Exit with trash through the freight elevator located adjacent to the Morgan Stanley Event space on the east
side.  Access to the freight elevator is obtained through security personnel on the 1st floor.

•    All surfaces that held food and drink are to be wiped down as part of the cleanup process.  Cleaning supplies can be found in the kitchen area under the sink.

•    Time for delivery, setup, and cleanup will be included in the total amount of time a space is rented.

•    Catering companies must provide a certificate of insurance for the event showing “Technology Entrepreneur Center/T-REX” as additional insured.

(H) Alcohol

•    For any event at which alcohol will be served, booking must be made at least two weeks in advance.

•    Alcoholic beverages may only be provided or served on a complimentary basis and at no charge to guests.

•    Only persons 21 years of age or older can be served alcohol.

•    It is the responsibility of the Renter booking the event to exercise due caution in serving adults and to not serve anyone who appears impaired or intoxicated.

•    A certificate of insurance listing the Technology Entrepreneur Center/T-REX as the additional insured is required for events that are to serve alcohol

(I) Audio/Visual

•    The Innovation Conference Center at T-REX provides wireless internet access.

•    All audio/visual equipment provided is self-service.  Please review the equipment use policy.

•    Equipment availability is not guaranteed.

•    Location and volume of the amplified sound will be regulated by Event Management to ensure the least amount of disruption to other Building tenants.

•    Renter is required to fill out an equipment use form for any equipment that is to be used. All equipment must be stored and secured as directed by T-REX staff after use.

(J) Approvals

The following must be approved by T-REX administration prior to the event:

(1) Event Marketing & Publicity Materials

•    All marketing and publicity materials which reference T-REX must be approved prior to printing and distribution.  Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your event.

•    T-REX must be referenced in publicity materials as such:  The Innovation Conference Center at T-REX.

•    All marketing and publicity materials for the Event and for the Renter must use Renter’s contact information for RSVPs and for questions about the Event.  Naming T-REX as a contact for the
Event and for RSVPs for the Event is not permitted.

•    If Renter wishes to display marketing and publicity materials for the Event within the Lammert Building, prior approval by T-REX administration is required.

(2) Decorations

•    All decorations and set-up materials must be approved, prior to the event, by T-REX Administration.

•    Nothing may be affixed to any wall, wood, furniture or painted surface by using putty, wire, tacks, nails, staples, tape or any material that will harm the finish.

•    Glitter or confetti of any kind is not allowed in any space.

•    Open flames are not allowed in any space, other than food warming devices used by caterers.

•    Deliveries associated with the Event must be approved by T-REX administration and coordinated with T-REX administration prior to delivery.  C.O.D. deliveries will not be accepted.

(K) The following are NOT PERMITTED:

•    All smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited.

•    The possession of dangerous weapons.  A dangerous weapon is considered to be any object or device designed or intended to be used to inflict serious injury upon persons or property.  This
includes firearms, including concealed weapons.

•    Hazardous materials (including, but not limited to hazardous substances, toxic substances and regulated substances).

•    Pyrotechnics of any kind.

•    Cooking, frying, baking, grilling etc.

(L) Rental Does Not Include:

•    Parking.

•    Set-up and break-down of tables, chairs, and equipment.

•    Decoration of event space or tables, table linens, place settings, serving dishes or table centerpieces.

•    Storage of Event materials and equipment.

•    Clean-up of Event space.

•    Guest access to co-working space.

•    Printing or office supplies.

(M) Damage Policy

Any and all costs for damage repairs or clean-up shall be at the expense of the Renter.  Any damage or negligent abuse may also result in suspension of renting privileges, and, if applicable, T-REX membership. Failure to comply with these policies can result in partial or full forfeit of the security deposit. Additionally, all Renters are subject to the following charges, if applicable:

•    Carpet cleaning: if the carpet sustains damage that requires a cleaning service, the Renter will be responsible for the full reimbursement of the service.

•    Room organization and cleanliness: trash left behind, unapproved re-arrangement of rented space, or failure to put away/organize any items provided by T-REX. Should any of the
aforementioned scenarios occur, the Renter will be billed an hourly rate of $60.00 for cleanup.

(N) Supervision of Minors

All minors must be supervised by adults at all times.  One (1) adult must be present as a chaperone for every five (5) minors per event.

(O) Parking

Paid parking is available at several lots located near T-REX.  A list of parking lots and contact information will be provided to Renters. It will be the responsibility of the Renter to make any special parking arrangements with the paid parking lots or with a valet parking company.  Metered parking is also available on the street.